:welcome 2 my littl corner on the web!!!!!!
enjoy yr stay X_x


:hihi im milkwalker/micah/pico imm a kid that doez stuf on the internet!! this izz my funy litle website
imm making this just az a funy litle side projetct this wuz originaly in place of my carrd but ithink im gona
use this 2 archive sstuf now i use he/it pronounz nd my main hobby iz drawing im white nd a singlet nd i
would write my mbti type here but imm 2 lazy 2 actualy see wat type i am anywayzz imm a nonhuman
shapeshifter nd im taken by dev/bf my beloved boyfriend!!


:i maek typozz a lot nd aslo use a typing quirk i can stop using the typing quirk when talking 2 you if it
makez stuf easier 2 read but i canr fix my speling T_T soryy ASLO i tend 2 post a lot on my spam insta acount
everyday nd u probly shouldny folow if thta overwelmz you nddd 1 more thing my memory suckz piss nd i wil
forget thingz often plz dont get mad at me 4 that bcuz i canr control it @_@


:i donr hav much 2 put here jusr dont ineract if you kin/think you are boyfriend fnf, pico, or milkwaler imm
stealing sumthing out yr fukcing house!!!!!!!!aslo dni if yrr over 18 unles i alredy know you or if i interactd first